P.O. Box 1234
Pembroke, ON
K8A 6Y6
P 613-638-0283
F 613-638-0283


Bruce Wheaton (B.Sc), CEOGIS, Ortho-rectified Imagery, Software Development
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Vincent Csunyoscka (Dip. Forestry), Vice-President – Forestry
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Kristi Beatty (H.B.Sc),Biologist, Project Manager – Environmental, Aggregates
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ORMG personnel provide a variety of qualifications to allow us to meet our clients’ needs, including:

  • Professional Biologist
  • Forestry Technicians
  • Certified Tree Markers (Level 1)
  • Certified Tree Marking Auditor (Level 2)
  • Licensed Scaler
  • Professional Forester
  • Licensed Pesticide Applicators
  • Software Developer
  • Certified Butternut Health Assessors
  • Standard First Aid Certification
  • DND Security Clearance and Current DND UXO Training